• Child Tutu

    Tutu skirt create the perfect frame for the female dancer's balletic form. Tutus emphasizes a dancer's elegance and gracefulness whilst allowing the dancer to move freely.

  • Child Leotards

    Leotards are an important part of a ballet dancer's training. Wearing a leotard allows the dancer to move freely and safely without any material restricting the movement.

  • Ballet Shoes

    Ballet Shoes or Slippers are one of the most important pieces in a ballet dancer's wardrobe. They allow dancers to glide their feet across the floor and work through each muscle of the foot to gain strength and dexterity.

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Adult Leotards

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Sway dance garments are proudly designed and produced in Lebanon using state of the art machinery and excellent craftsmanship. We import high quality fabric from reliable and environmentally conscious suppliers.

We believe that dancing is a self expression. That is why our slogan is:

Dance Your Way!


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